Barbears House 
So, who are we, what is Barbears, why's it got that name and why are you doing it? Sensible questions really and I will try and answer them.

We are a family of six (Dad-Brian, Mum-Sue, Daniel, Thomas, Luke and Sophie) living in Coventry, England. Nothing special about us, nothing particularly exciting, just a normal family.

Barbears is a combination of names to create a title which is no longer directly related to us, fortunately the domain names for and were also free back in 1998 and as this is a web site about one family, seemed a logical step to call it Barbears House. So there you have it the title of the web site was born.

So why create a web site for the world to see about us. Well, the main reason is to introduce the children to the big world wide web and give them their own little place in that world where they can express themselves. To also show others that it can be done and how to set about it. This has led us involving them over the years in things like the BlueTit BirdCam where they have helped make the bird box and watched the babies grow and fly the nest. This has led to them presenting at their local school and showing other children the BirdCam which they have followed in class.

It has encouraged them all to use the computers more and to try out new ideas like Luke's stop motion movies and with the help of me (Dad) given them the opportunity to create their own page using the software, so teaching them new skills.

It also allows us to show others who are interested a small bit about our home town Coventry and some of the amazing places we have been fortunate enough to travel.

We really hope you take the time to browse around and feel welcome during your stay, if you feel the urge it would be really great if you could sign our Guestbook also. Also if you do have a question, then use the Contact form to ask us and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as we can.