Barbears House 
A few years ago we decided to let Luke and Sophie have fish tanks in their own rooms. Sophie had a gold fish before this in a traditional plastic bowl but it seemed a bit small and she wanted some more fish, so at first she had a Cold Water aquarium. She could have a number of types of fish including the standard gold fish. Since then however she has upgraded to a tropical fish tank like Luke.

Luke on the other hand wanted to have a Tropical (warm water) aquarium which offers a far wider selection of fish, but is a little bit harder to maintain and more expensive to run and stock. Luke actually has two tanks now, a small quarantine tank which allows us to treat sick fish, quarantine new arrivals, also allows pregnant fish somewhere to have their babies safely and a much larger main tank .

The dedicated pages for each of them show what fish they have and some of the lessons we have learnt together on the journey in getting these established, including the water leak and how we fixed it!