Barbears House 

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Videos are compressed so some of the clarity is lost I'm afraid.

You may watch and think our Blue Tit is all alone, but her husband is working hard to keep her in tip-top shape
This year we have ten eggs with the first laid on or around the 14th April giving a due date of around the 8th May
So here we have some hatched chicks, Mum and Dad now actively feeding them. Two eggs remain unhatched at the moment. Getting larger now and we can see nine open mouths in this clip.
Well, with so many chicks Mum and Dad are pretty much flat out, one of them touching down every five minutes. Here they are both caught feeding the chicks.
 There are still 10 chicks being fed so Mum and Dad are doing a fantastic job. You will notice the bowl of the nest is now larger to fit them all in.

Who's Next?
The chicks are falling out around the edges now as they get so large and hungry. Mum arrives in the middle of the scrum.

Well they are nearly at the point of leaving the nest. In this clip you can see one of the chicks hanging by the exit hole leading to the big wide world outside while all the others give encouragement !