Barbears House 
As a family, rather than support every charity there is we decided to focus on two charities which at some point in our lives have meant something.

The first is called Children in Crisis and we support this charity because every child deserves good healthcare and an education. We first helped this charity when Brian saw a programme about children in St Petersburg  many years ago and how tough life can be, but Children in Crisis were working with a local charity to run a computer club to help educate them. As Brian works with computers all the time this gave it some meaning and so we helped get some new equipment for them. Since then we have continued to support Children in Crises with regular donations.

"Children in Crisis exists to improve the lives of children around the world affected by conflict, deprivation, poverty or other hidden crises, by working in partnership with local communities to provide education, healthcare and protection".


Our second charity, also connected with children is KidScape, who work hard to support bullied children, parents of bullied children and also to provide better education in schools on the subject of bullying. Sue is raising money at the moment through various means to support them as they approach their 25th year.