Barbears House 
To the left you can find three ways to either communicate, comment or just keep check of what we are up to.

Barbears Guestbook is a vital part of our site and allows you to pass us some simple feedback, we love visitors and the further you are from Coventry the more exciting. Maybe tell us why you came to our home in the first place.

Barbears Blog is very much in development so we are not yet updating it. But once finished will be a way we can all give far more regular updates on all sorts of subjects.

The contact us form is a more direct method you can use to contact us if you have a very specific question that you want us to get back to you on. It routes through to one of our special email addresses, just give us a few days to notice and get back to you.

I will also be adding some more interactive ways to give feedback when I can find time to get the code finished.