Barbears House 
We are all from Coventry, roughly in the middle of England. It is most famous for Lady Godiva, Car Manufacturing, it's Cathedral and three spires. Lady Godiva is best known for her legendary ride unclothed on a white horse through the town, observed only by Peeping Tom. The first tank, the first traffic indicators for cars and the first dumper truck were built in Coventry. The city was the birthplace of jet pioneer Sir Frank Whittle, the poet Philip Larkin and the athlete and broadcaster David Moorcroft.

The saying, "Sent to Coventry" originated during the Civil War, when captured Royalists were imprisoned in the heavily fortified and strongly Parliamentarian city. They were given a very unpleasant time by the locals.

World War II brought great destruction to Coventry, and the air raids of November 1940 and April 1941 destroyed much of the city, including all but the spires of St. Michael's Cathedral and the Grey Friars' Church; 50,479 houses were damaged. On the night of the 14th of November 1940 the Luftwaffe attacked the City. The moon was bright. Coventry was laid out below them clear and sharp. Incendiary bombs formed part of the attack ordnance and a stick of these hit the cathedral setting the roof timbers alight. When the morning of the 15th November dawned the tower and spire still stood, rather like the tower and spire of Christ Church. A cross formed from two charred timbers was formed and placed on the alter and a cross of medieval nails was formed also.