Barbears House 
Grandad CyrilCyril TelAvivThis section of our site holds some of the history of the family, some very old pictures from the long lost past as a reminder to us all or where we came from.

< - On the left is a picture taken sometime around 1920 of Brian's Dad Cyril around 10 years old stood with his Granddad. So he would be Brian's Great Granddad and Sophie's Great Great Granddad !

- > To the right is Brian's Dad when he was in the British Army and served in Tel Aviv, he's the one top left.

Brian's Nan

< -  To the left here is Brian's Nan.

Brian's Mum and Dad
- > and then on the right is Brian's Mum and Dad pictured in 2006 with Luke and Sophie.

I will add some pictures from Sue's side shortly.