Barbears House 
Something I had promised Dan and Tom when they were younger was that I would take then somewhere to learn to ski. View of NiederauIt took a bit longer than I had planned and so they were a little older than intended, but we got there in the end. Sue, Sophie and Luke all stayed back in the UK while I took Dan and Tom away. Our destination was the fantastic Austrian village of Niederau, it's not for the hardened skier I'm sure, but it is just perfect for the beginner.

Hotel Austria ViewWe stayed at the Hotel Austria which was very close the the ski lift and nursery slopes, in fact the ski hire is right beneath the hotel and so was real handy with a back door from the drying room into the hotel. It has all that you need, good food and an indoor pool in the basement. The picture on the left shows the views from our room. The reception were absolutely lovely and do you know to this date every year I get a Christmas card from them.

The ski school we went with was called Wildschönau Ski School and they were taught by this wonderful lady and very experienced skier .....
Dan Snowboard
They did learn to ski during the five day course and even went down a red grade slope at the end, being awarded there medals during a night out with the school. They also were lucky enough to convince their Dad to pay for an extra sampler course to teach them a bit about learning to snow boarding which Dan took to well, but Thomas struggled with. Dan is in the picture on the right (long hair phase) having come all the way down the slope in one run.

We will go back when we think Luke and Sophie are old enough and we will go to the same hotel.

Dan and Tom with Teacher