Barbears House 
I don't really know why, maybe it is the quietness, the wonderfully friendly people, the fantastic accommodation and Pefkos Beach Poolspool or the perfect beach, or maybe it is just the great food. Whatever it is we keep on going back and strangely so do lots of other people, some from Coventry that we even know and just ran into when we were out there.

Pefkos extends along its one central road (albeit with a few side branches) nestled between the coast which is around 400m away and steep Marmaris range of hills behind the village.  This sheltered position gives the resort a cosy and safe feel and has helped make it a popular destination with Greeks and holidaymakers from further afield.

We stay at the Pefkos Beach apartments and they are absolutely great, lovely staff, clean and perfectly positioned. There are three pools, a toddler one in the middle which was great when Sophie was really small, a large square one at the top which is more lively and Dan and Tom tended to go in there. We prefer the bottom one which is nice and quiet, not too big so that we can keep a close eye on Luke and Sophie. They have there own Greek restaurant (Nostalgia) which is just great the odd time that you really don't want to go out or one of us is just feeling unwell and it serves good food at a good price.

But I am afraid after trying every restaurant in Pefkos, there is one that we just can't keep away from and it is becoming a worse habit each year. It is right in the centre of Pefkos and is called Terpsis run by the fantastic Vangelis, his family and his team of waiters. Luke and Sophie have been learning Greek for a few years now talking with the waiters and especially recently with George and Ria. But the food is just perfect, I don't think we have ever had a bad meal and struggle every night to pick what to have as they are all just so good. Even better with a bottle of Boutari Demi Sec.

Other good places to eat are the Red Dragon Chinese opposite Terpsis, Enigma and Artimis (although we have started to go off this due to the cats). For us the worst were the Little House, supposedly the first restaurant in Pefkos village, but the service was awful and the food was not a lot better. We weren't particularly taken by the Coliseum or Tsambikos either.

Pefkos BeachThe beach is just great as well, it's not huge and I can imagine peak season is very busy but when we go it is just right, two sun beds deep so fairly narrow but you are real close to the water and the sea bed slopes down very gently which is nice and safe for the children. An extra bonus is the fish which if you are armed with a piece of bread will swim up and take it from your hands. Also when it's time for something to eat we would recommend the little cafe called the Sea View which servers great simple food for a very reasonable price along with an ice cold beer.
Gelo Blu
Staying in Pefkos you are really close to Lindos, €6 by taxi one-way. It's nice to walk through the little village streets and souvenir shops and also to make your way up to the Acropolis at the top which is a great photo opportunity. We also have a special cafe Gelo Blu (opposite the Museum Bar) that we go to just for the home made Tiramisu, beats the supermarket stuff by miles.

If you do want to go to Rhodes town, you can catch the local bus, but we have on the odd occasion we have gone used the taxi which is expensive at €45 one-way but suited us better.

Terpsis Top Team
The Terpsis team from far left, ???, Pani, Vangelis, George, our Sophie and then Ria.