Barbears House 
Our home is Coventry, England where we were both born and have lived all our lives. To find more out about this historic city and the areas look at our Coventry page.

We both lead busy and sometimes very stressful lives and so holidays are very important to us and create premium time with the children when they get our undivided attention for two weeks. We have long had a view that we wanted to travel around and change each year to somewhere totally new for us and to expose the children to other cultures as part of there education. It's a chance for all of us to recharge our batteries and in Lukes case for him to see dramatic improvements in his confidence in water and ability to swim. We even make a real effort to learn the local lingo and the kids particularly enjoy trying this out.

This view changed a little when we found Pefkos in Rhodes, our perfect holiday location, and since then we have returned year after year to the same place interspersed with some other special trips abroad.

Dan and Tom went to Niederau in Austria with me (Brian) as I wanted them to learn how to ski so that they could comfortably arrange a holiday if they wanted when they were older with friends skiing.

This year we have a special holiday arranged for Luke and Sophie in Orlando, USA which we have done in the past with Dan and Tom, so watch out for a new page at some point.
World Map

Please read about the places we have been, they are our personal views so may not fit with other peoples, but you may find them interesting never the less.