Barbears House 
We had a good time in Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote, our first ever holiday with Luke, who was just five months old. The flight out was a little traumatic until we managed to get him to sleep, but the return flight was a lot better as we had the luxury of a SkyCot which he found very comfortable. Cinco PlazasThis was the first time we had used the Thomson Children's Club and we found it excellent providing entertainment for Daniel and Thomas three times a day and giving me and Sue a couple of hours free each time with Luke. Our thanks to Kelly and her assistant. The apartments we stayed at were called the Cinco Plaza's are we would recommend them for families. The beach is about 500m away, but it is down a steep hill which is fine on the way down, but is exhausting on the way back up.

Once at the bottom, you can select somewhere to eat from the selection of restaurants overlooking the sea. We didn't go of and investigate the rest of the island because of dealing with Luke, except for a trip to the market which was great fun enabling us to sort out a few souvenirs.

The one thing we didn't like in Puerto Del Carmen was how the atmosphere changed as the evening went on, becoming more focussed on dance clubs with staff trying to get people into their club from the street. It all made us feel a little un-safe with children to be honest and so is not somewhere we would go back too.