Barbears House 
Hello, I'm Sophie and I was born in September 2002.Sophie

I like playing my Sylvanian Families, Polly Pocket and I love Chocolate. I like to watch High School Musical and my favourite person is Sharpay because she wears pretty clothes. I have a Nintendo DS and my favourite games are "Hello Baby" and "Princess on Ice". I also have a computer and love making PowerPoint presentations.

I do dancing every week learning ballet, tap and modern styles. Saturday is a very busy day for me because I go ice skating at the Coventry SkyDome and I am taught by Susanna Bureiko. After skating I go to swimming lessons and I am just learning the backstroke.

My favourite music at the moment is Cheryl Cole's "Fight for your Love" and Alexandra Burke's "Bad Boys".

Thanks for visiting my page, come back soon when I might have updated it.