Barbears House 
We have four children, well some are not really children any more. Daniel, who was born in 1990, Thomas in 1992, Luke who is the millennium baby in 2000 and then last but not least our daughter Sophie in 2002.

Family picture taken back in 2000
Daniel and Thomas have now left school and are progressing into adult life, although they still live at home. Luke and Sophie both go to the same junior school and love to wind each other up - they are both very different in both character and interests.

They have there own pages on our web sites and in some cases further pages below them, so take a look and if you want to let them know what you think you can use the Contact Us form.

The picture on the left was taken back in 2000, it came from our old web site and the baby sat on Sue's lap is Luke. Thomas is on the far left and Dan is sat between us.